Piotr Oleszkiewicz

Temat: Is Storm just a summer breeze? New concepts in malware

Piotr Oleszkiewicz leads the security team at Surfland Systemy Komputerowe S.A. and is the founder and owner of SentiNode consulting company. Piotr has over 12 years of experience with system administration, network architecture, software design and information security.

Piotr graduated from the Technical University of Wroclaw with a master’s degree in computer science with strong background in networking, cryptography, software design and information security.

The malware based operations will be discussed from the “black” business perspective highlighting the drivers and trends. The current malware landscape will be shown concentrating on the botnets, their potential uses, past and currently used botnet architectures. Strategies and methods of threat mitigation against botnets will be discussed as well as how botnets are limited in the means of attack and spreading / survivability potential.

Then the new frontiers on the malware front will discussed including new architectures that could be used to build a botnet much harder to destroy than the ones that are in use today and some advanced concepts of detection evasion including using cryptography and/or virtualisation techniques. Some visual simulations of botnet operation may be expected as well as real life examples.