Martin Mocko

Martin Mocko

I’m 23 years old programming enthusiast. I have about 8 years of C/ASM (x86 and some ARM) development and reversing experience. I worked in copy protection area for 3 years (Defendion s.r.o.), and currently I’m the lead developer of HyperVista Technologies hypervisor project. I am mostly interested novel lowlevel technologies and things which haven’t yet been througly researched and publicly described.

Temat: TBD

Race to baremetal: UEFI and hypervisors

I will first describe quickly emerging BIOS replacement technology, the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). Then, I will focus on not so widely discussed aspect of malware and anti-malware hypervisor design, mechanism of loading of hypervisor. I will present argument for using UEFI as the most ideal platform for loading of such hypervisors. I will list features of UEFI which are helpful for purposes of hypervisor, and compare this way of loading to other loading scenarios.