Machtelt Garrels

Temat: SSH Tips & Tricks

Machtelt Garrels is an engineer in electro-mechanics but never worked as such. Instead, she started experimenting with Linux, the Internet, UNIX etc in the early nineties. She is a prolific writer and most of her publications are available for free; a lot of her books are in the form of course materials with hands-on exercises. She has been a system- and network administrator for years, and also taught many courses about Linux, UNIX, networking, LDAP, ODF, etc. She teaches from experience, which ranges from university hospitals over government to private businesses big and small.

We all use SSH, or should use it! But do you know SSH to the full extend? There is a lot more SSH can do for you apart from securing your connection. You probably use ssh keys, but have you ever played around with the ssh-agent? How about X11 forwarding using SSH? Connection compression? Tunnels? And what to do when things don’t work?

Sounds interesting? Then this workshop is meant for you!