Leisure Zone

Hackers’ Movie Night

We decided that After Party is not enough for us and we’re throwing Before Party, too :) Lets meet on 14 May in Kijow Club, have some beers and watch the movies that have created the image of hackers in pop culture. We’re going to see some classics like Wargames, every hacker’s mandatory viewing, as well as Metropolis, Fritz Lang’ science fiction masterpiece that has inspired the creators of Star Wars and Matrix. Than we’re going to move on to PI, to find out how we can understand the world through numbers and patterns they create, and an excellent Enemy of the State with Will Smith, Gene Hackman and US government as Big Brother. As an antidote to all paranoia and showing hackers as evil monsters, we’re going to see real hackers in H4ck3rs Are People Too – the best security movie of 2008 and great documentary about our community.

Stop by on 14 May at 9 pm. and bring popcorn ;)


ESET crackme

The “ESET crackme” is a small program designed to test a reverse engineering skills. The challenge is to find the correct password in specially crafted executable file.The first person to send the correct password to wins.

The competition starts at 12:30 P.M., Friday, 15th May.

Attach a short information about you to the solution.


Closer to Asia

Great chance to get to know how to make Origami, little paper masterpieces. It is said that Origami develops imaginations and boosts creativity. New skills can be used during blackouts or slow days at work.



It is a contest, a battle between IT security experts, where computers and knowledge is the only weapon. Jarek Sajko and Andres Riancho spiced up the whole competition by adding new levels, making changes and improving the game. All hackers, who are not afraid to be challenged by the best are welcome to try. Ask for details at CtF stand. Follow the white rabbit.


Robotics High School

CtF is not the only contest we have prepared for you! At this year’s CONFidence the Robots Building Contest will take place for the first time! Teams of two can test their mechatronics and computer science skills and have great fun at the same time. Lab sets needed for building your own robot are available at the Robotics Highschool stand. The winner will get cool prize and everlasting glory…


Game Zone

Soccer table old old-fashion arcade games are here for you to have fun and relax during CONFidence.


After Party

There is not that much to describe here - we meet, we discuss security, we complain about new holes, we drink the best Polish beer and vodka. The After Party takes place in Kijow Club, in the venue and it starts at 9pm. on 15 May.


Hackers’ Squad

During 5th edition of CONFidence you have a unique chance to stay at the coolest spot in the city – Hackers’ Squad. It is a place where hacking never stops!

We decided to rent the whole hostel (or even group of hostels if it’s necessary) and turn it into the real hacking space – a place to sleep, to party and to hack - only for CONFidence attendees. While registering you can choose to stay in Hackers’ Squad for 14 EUR/night. It is not only cheap, but also convenient (the Hackers’ Squad is located in a walkable distance from the conference center) way to stay in Krakow during CONFidence.

Hackers’ Squad Basic Info:

  • 4,6 and 8 bed dorms are available and you will be randomly assign to one of the rooms
  • you can stay there from 14 till 17 May
  • the price is 14 EUR per night per person
  • only CONFidence attendees can stay in Hackers’ Squad
  • it is not a luxury accommodation but it’s clean, safe, beer-and-hack-friendly :)


There are two Hackers’ Squads:


HS1: Krasinskiego avenue no 28, 30-101 Krakow

(the hostel we booked is called “Aleje28” – look for this sign when you get there)

Use Google Maps to get directions


Download HS2 Guide in pdf.


HS2: Szewska street no 21, 30-009 Krakow

(the hostel we booked is called “Faust” – look for this sign when you get there)

Use Google Maps to get directions


Download HS2 Guide in pdf.


If you booked Hackers’ Squad but didn’t get booking confirmation, please contact Magda: magda.jarosz(at) asap!