Hackers’ Movie Night

We decided that After Party is not enough for us and we’re throwing Before Party, too :) Lets meet on 14 May in Kijow Club, have some beers and watch the movies that have created the image of hackers in pop culture. We’re going to see some classics like Wargames, every hacker’s mandatory viewing, as well as Metropolis, Fritz Lang’ science fiction masterpiece that has inspired the creators of Star Wars and Matrix. Than we’re going to move on to PI, to find out how we can understand the world through numbers and patterns they create, and an excellent Enemy of the State with Will Smith, Gene Hackman and US government as Big Brother. As an antidote to all paranoia and showing hackers as evil monsters, we’re going to see real hackers in H4ck3rs Are People Too – the best security movie of 2008 and great documentary about our community.

Stop by on 14 May at 9 pm. and bring popcorn ;)